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The Literacy Connection is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible to the full amount allowed by law.

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Literacy Connection


Our learners: Neighbors, co-workers, and friends.

Our learners are adult men and women of many ages, nationalities, economic and social backgrounds living in far northwest suburban Chicago. They’re just like you and me. Trying to live, work and become active members of the community, sometimes struggling along the way. But the good news is that learning to read, write, speak and understand English better is possible and the results are exponential.

Each learner has their own unique literacy needs.

  • Some want to know how to fill out employment applications.
  • Some want to improve their work skills.
  • Some want to read to their children.
  • Some want to communicate with teachers.
  • Some want to understand their doctors.

Each learner is individually paired with a tutor so they can meet their personal goals.

A ‘typical’ adult learner in the program in 2014 was a 43-year-old married Hispanic mother of two children. She was from Mexico, where she attended nine years of education. She lived in Elgin and was employed full time, but her family income was less than $30,000/year. She met with a tutor one-on-one to learn English and attended 34 hours of instruction. She had participated in the program for 3.25 years. She could read and write short sentences or phrases and complete personal information on simple forms. She could ask and was able to answer simple questions and follow basic instructions. Based on assessments, her oral speaking skills were at the High Beginning ESL level and her written skill levels were at the Low Beginning ESL level.

Learner Achievements in Fiscal Year 2015

  • 121 Improved their score on standardized tests
  • 121 Attained consumer skills
  • 122 Increased involvement in their children’s educational activities
  • 21 Improved employability skills
  • 42 Got a job or better job
  • 23 Attained wellness and healthy lifestyle
  • 19 Increased involvement in community activities
  • 16 Entered other education and/or training program
  • 7 Achieved citizenship
  • 130 Other personal goals

Learner Statistics

  • 296 adults were tutored in the volunteer literacy program

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