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Literacy Connection


Our workplace literacy program: Meeting employers’ needs.

According to the International Adult Literacy Survey, more than 40 percent of American workers have inadequate literacy skills. The success of any business depends upon the successes and skills of its employees. Whether a business’ day-to-day concern is to improve safety, productivity, customer service or even employee morale, it is critically important employees are able to communicate in English and perform related basic math computations. If a company’s workforce is struggling with low-level literacy skills, we offer a solution that will improve its bottom line.

The return on an employer’s investment is:

  • increased productivity.
  • decreased number of workplace accidents and errors.
  • improved customer satisfaction.
  • increased rate of promotability of employees.
  • decreased employee turnover.
  • improved employee morale.


Program details: Developing job-specific curriculums.

In this fee-based program, we develop a curriculum based on the communication needs of the company and industry, including the use of the company’s own terminology, procedures and documents. Our instructors create lessons of immediate use to employees. We begin by determining the communication needs of a workforce through discussions with supervisors and managers. Then we assess the general English skill level of employees and determine their communication goals. Based on the results of these assessments, we develop a curriculum with competency objectives specific to the company’s work-related communications.  The company’s printed materials and documents become the framework of our lessons.  Classes are held at the workplace once or twice a week, and typically last 1.5 to 2 hours long, for eight to twenty-four weeks. At the end of the course, we test employees and evaluate their progress toward the communication objectives set forth. We provide employers with a written report detailing the tangible progress in workers’ skills.













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